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Julia Makin

I’m Julia,

But my friends call me Jules. I’m a Digital Marketing Superhero, living in Melbourne, Australia. If you wish to collaborate, or want to find out more about me, email:

The Extrovert Exterior

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, I am a Digital Marketing Superhero and a mover and shaker. I have been hooked on the world of business since I started my first business in primary school. Today, I am an Associate Dean at RMIT University and I consult with business owners regarding their digital marketing needs. I have been featured in a range of media outlets including the Sydney Morning Herald, The National Retail Magazine of Australia, and 3AW.

The Introvert Interior

All my life, I have felt like a round peg in a square hole. I struggled for many years trying to fit in and feel like I belonged. Until I decided to no longer let it bother me. After a big wake up call, I changed my mindset and my life changed too. I want to share my story to help you on your journey. It is possible to silence the inner critic and live a succcessful life as your authentic true self.

We’re in this together. It won’t always be easy but it will be fun!

I am a Digital Marketing Superhero who loves to talkloves to writehas a story to tellwants to help you

About Julia

I am Julia.  I am many things.  A digital marketing superhero, a spiritual being, a crypto investor, a student of astro, a senior project manager, a tarot believer, an F1 fanatic, a lover of music and a player of basketball.

100% authentic views written with love and careno BSyou in mind

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