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Nice to meet you



I am a Fellow Member and Certified Practising Marketer of the Australian Marketing Institute, the Executive Director and Founder of Sink or Swim Marketing (formally known as Vent2Me), a full-service digital marketing agency.  In 2015, I founded Digital-Marketing-Courses.Com (currently going through a website rebuild) an online training portal. I’m a Digital Marketing Superhero and mover and shaker, who likes to see business owners stand out and be bold. I can help you achieve your marketing goals, while also helping you shift your mindset.

“I know how hard it is to succeed in business and how personal issues can influence the success of your business. I’ve suffered from this and I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit I made mistakes and stuffed up. But I made a commitment to stop playing the blame game. Instead I dusted myself, got on with it and developed an iron will, that has propelled me forward in ways that I didn’t know was possible.”


Sink or Swim Marketing is a little bit cheeky. We love proving naysayers wrong and showing business owners that digital marketing is not something that should be feared.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success. When you work with us that’s exactly what you get – digital marketing superheros and marketing problem solvers who personalise their service to achieve your goals.


I’m a marketer and a qualified trainer and assessor. I love cutting through the jargon and telling it, like it is. I love speaking and engaging with audience members and sharing a laugh or two!

I’m Julia and this is my story.

Let me begin, for a very long time I hated myself, I hated that I was a round peg in a square hole and that I never seemed to fit in. I tried to do what I thought was expected of me, what I thought would help me fit in, so I worked hard, I dated, I travelled, I bought a house, I got married. I kept pushing myself, believing that there was something inherently wrong with me as to why I didn’t feel normal.

It didn’t make sense. Because for the most part I was successful.

I am a co-author, I have been featured in numerous media outlets and I’ve had a stellar career.

Yet something was missing.



I grew up in a loving family in Melbourne’s Outer East. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and an loving older brother. I grew up surrounded by love with parents who are very much still in love with one another. Of course with any family there are ups and downs, but overall I’m fortunate to have a family that I can count on.

My parents taught me about the importance of working hard, and that I could do anything I set my mind to. It was and still is a very empowering family unit.

I was always the cheeky, outgoing extroverted kid. At a young age, I learnt the importance of conversing with others and easily wormed my way into the lives of my neighbours (this was pre stranger danger times).

High School had its up and downs, year 9 was particularly awful but the majority of the time I enjoyed it. I was good at school, had good friends and on the surface seemed to fit in reasonably well.

But even back then, I always felt like something inside me was missing

For a long time, I felt empty, like a car with no petrol. I managed this for many years until it all got too much and I spent 13 months from December 2015 through to January 2017 trying to work out what was going on with my life.

Then 2017 came along and I had a massive wake up call

For those who know me well, know how difficult that time in my life was. You can read about it more detail here. I will never romanticise it, but it in many respects it was the the year I needed to have.

Now in 2020, my life is completely different. I couldn’t be happier and I’m amazed by how changing my mindset, changed everything for me.


My passion is helping business owners achieve their goals. Nothing excites me more than seeing someone’s eyes light up when they have that aha! moment. It’s a gift that I feel so honoured to share in.

I’m sharing my story to hopefully inspire and show other business owners that being in touch with your feelings is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually sign of strength.

Love and light,

Jules x