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I am woman. Hear me roar

I know it is cliché to quote the famous song, ‘I am woman’ by Helen Reddy. But as each year goes on, I believe that Helen Reddy and her lyrics are as true today as they were when they were first sung in 1975.

It saddens me when I see or hear stories about women being put down for being who they are. I  have also experienced the ‘joy’ of male ego and and as a collective we really need to shake the status quo. Why should confidence be admired in males, but when you are female, confidence is often misread as being bitchy, emotional or suffering from that time of the month?

The amount of times I’ve had a male tell me I couldn’t do something or, wouldn’t be good at it, astounds me. What gives them the right to tell me what I can, or can’t do. I’m not being a financial burden or whining to them about my woes – so what’s the problem? Why can’t I have the same standing as my male counterparts?

I don’t believe either sex is superior, we both have our pros and cons, but seriously can’t we support one another? I truly believe men and women can be as good as one another – whether it be as a friend, parent, business owner or employee.

This post is a good segue into International Women’s Day and my selection as a recipient of RMIT’s College of Business International Women’s Day celebrations for both 2019 and 2020.

Julia Makin | I am woman hear me roar | International Women’s Day

In 2019, I didn’t really know how I felt about it

Yes I am good at my job but so many others are and I downplayed the importance of it. Then the week of International Women’s Day  2019 came around and I fell sick with a bug. I couldn’t even get out of bed.

In Julia speak, I felt shit and miserable. Truthfully, my career means everything to me. I felt like I couldn’t do the one thing I have always been good at. But rather than beat myself up over it, I spent time reflecting on the:

  • numerous media articles I have been featured in,
  • number of students and businesses I have helped over the years

I realised I am worthy of such a title

In 2020, when I read I was being featured again, I celebrated it. I showed gratitude for my accomplishments and I was able to share in the success with my friends, family and partner.

So to every woman out there regardless of your career choice, I hope you enjoy celebrating who you are.

Love and light,


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