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Why I have a Change Facilitator and why you should have one too

After dedicating a lot of my own free time on shifting my mindset, I had to gain a lot of knowledge and insight regarding who I was and why I felt the way I did. I realised that with the all the work I had done, there was still more to clear out and for that part I would need help from another person.

I was ready for the next chapter of my life. I was no longer going to live in the past, but instead focus on the magic of the present moment.

Spending money on oneself can be scary, but it also be very liberating and I’m grateful for the presence of Rachel Sietzema from uChangeu in my life. In a relatively short period of time, she has helped me in ways I never dreamed imaginable.

I can tell you now that hiring a change facilitator, is the best thing you can ever do. Here is my story.

I’ve read a lot about conscious and subconscious thinking thanks to my love of Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Dr Joe Dispenza. I knew that the answer to achieving my dreams was within me.

In late December, I came across a concept called ‘Psych-K’ a method of subconscious reprogramming that Dr Bruce Lipton speaks highly of.

Me, being me, I decided to give it a go. So I googled ‘Psych-K Hawthorn’ and waited to see what came up.

To my surprise there was a practitioner located not far from me, so I thought what the hell, let’s give it a go and I booked in for my first session.

Attending this session was and still is the best decision I have made for myself and as a result my friends and family too.

Not only is Rachel, the founder and facilitator extremely kind, generous and talented, the techniques generally work and I have seen many positive changes in my life as a result.

Working full-time while managing a side hustle can be difficult, with no two weeks a like. Having family and friends is great, but sometimes it can be difficult discussing certain aspects of your life, thoughts and feelings with them. Having someone who is independent to your situation provides a sense of reassurance that is priceless.

I’ve achieved so much in the time I’ve had Rachel in my life. I can’t believe how much I have grown and how happy I am to be me.

Life is full of twists and turns and in the past, I’ve tried to control every aspect of my life. You may think you know where you want life to head, then someone opens your mind to new possibilities and ideas that you never even thought of! Trust me, it’s true.

Before I worked with Rachel, I was hopeless in pricing my services effectively. Through working on reprogramming my self-worth, Rachel has helped me charge a rate I am truly deserving of.

Rachel showed me that I’m in control of my destiny that it’s up to me to succeed. It is the most liberating thing that I’ve discovered. She’s really changed my world view.

I’ve read a lot so am familiar with most spiritual concepts. In the past, I used to think people who were in touch with spirit were illogical and naive. Now I know the opposite to be true.

It is possible to be a spiritual being and live in this world.

Subconscious reprogramming has helped me overcome bad habits by forming new positive habits. Subconscious reprogramming which can be achieved through meditation and other modalities is used by top entrepreneurs around the world and it can be the difference between why one succeeds in business or doesn’t.

I couldn’t believe the transformation it has made to my life particularly in improving my work habits, making me more efficient. I now wake up in morning with a smile on my face ready to start my day!

Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to the fabulous Rachel from uChangeu.You have been an amazing confidant and coach. I owe much of my success to you.

Love and light,

Jules x

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