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Two YouTube Videos that helped change my mindset

I read a lot of books and I watch a lot of content on YouTube to help me to better understand my place in this world.

The two videos I am going to share, I watched back in 2016. I recently rewatched them to see if they still resonated with me. They definitely did. So I wanted to share them with you. May they help you on your journey too.

Video one: The biggest disease affecting humanity: I am not good enough by Marissa Peer

Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and celebrity therapist who coaches people on personal growth. In this video, Marisa Peer explains effective ways on how to get rid of fear and focus on your very own self development.

Video two: Start with why – how great leaders inspire action 

Simon Sinek believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. He discovered remarkable patterns about how the greatest leaders and organizations think, act and communication. This video helps shed light on how great leaders inspire action.

After watching these two videos I realised that;

A. I am awesome and there is nothing to be ashamed by saying that. It doesn’t show arrogance but rather a self-belief in myself that is worthy to be said. Which means, you are awesome too!


B. I also learnt that knowing my ‘why’ is really important. In the paste, I felt like I did things without knowing the reason behind them. It is why I felt dissatisfied, lost and confused – like a hamster on a wheel.

The goals haven’t been written how the business textbooks tell you, they aren’t time bound, but rather can be achieved and followed on a daily basis:

My goal for myself

“I love, respect & accept myself completely”

My goal for my emotional self

“I wake up each morning enthusiastic and energised”

My goal for my physical self

“I inject my energetic awesomeness into every moment”

My goal for my relationship

“I am in perfect harmony with my significant other”

My goal for my professional life

“I utilize my intuition and maintain professional integrity throughout my day”

My goal for my business

“I run my businenss with passion, energry and love”

So I ask you, what is your ‘why’? Why do you do the things you do? The answer might surprise you! Why not share your response below, I’d love to know your ‘why’.

Love and light,

Jules x

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