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I have a Joomla website can I migrate it to WordPress?

If a previous website developer or yourself created a Joomla website, don’t fret you can easily transfer the site across to WordPress.

Before you can transfer your site, you will need to install WordPress into a folder on the same server where you have your Joomla installation. Make sure that Joomla and WordPress websites are available online. Then you have to install WP plugin called “FG Joomla to WordPress“. It allows you to migrate sections, categories (sub-categories), articles, images, medias and tags from Joomla into WordPress. It can import Joomla articles as WP posts or pages.

Installation & migration process:

Install the WP plugin in the Admin -> Plugins menu -> Add New -> Upload -> Select the zip file -> Install Now

Activate “FG Joomla to WordPress” plugin in the Admin -> Plugins menu

Run the importer in Tools > Import > Joomla (FG)

Before you will be able to move your content, you need to configure your database parameters from Joomla.

The Joomla database parameters can be found in the Joomla configuration.php file – which resides in the main directory of your Joomla installation.

Click Import content from Joomla to WordPress. Once the import completes, there should be yellow sections on the page that show a confirmation of what was imported.


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